Don't give Gen Z PDFs

Your employees use TikTok, Instagram & YouTube in their
day-to-day lives: they expect to consume work content in the same way


  • Mobile first
    Don’t give your gen-z employees tools built in the 90's.
    Modern solutions for modern companies.

  • Built with the user in mind
    Easy to find exactly what they need and bookmark favourites.
    An interactive editor experience that intuitively allows you to create professional, engaging content (try it out below!)

  • Avoid over-informing
    Targeting which follows your organisation (locations, countries, roles, tenure).


Try our editing experience

Stable & Easy. Our content creation workspace makes you want to recreate all your content.

Content analytics

See whats working and how to improve.

  • Locations: Define specific physical locations by grouping people from your workforce management system

  • Slices: Group Locations infinitely to look at your business through different lenses - for example regionally, by franchise owner, sub-brand

  • Roles: Further break down your data by employee role.
    Coming soon

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