Avoiding GDPR Risks: Securing Restaurant Communications with All Gravy

Jonatan Marc Rasmussen
Last updated:
March 16, 2023

Explore how to avoid GDPR risks in your restaurant with All Gravy, a secure communication tool designed for the restaurant industry. Understand the pitfalls of using social media for business communication and learn how All Gravy can offer a professional, secure, and engaging alternative.

In the fast-paced world of the restaurant industry, communication is key. Whether it's coordinating today's specials, dealing with shift changes, or handling unexpected emergencies, your team needs a communication tool that's as seamless and intuitive as the apps they use in their personal lives, like Facebook and WhatsApp. But are these social platforms the right choice for your business communication? Let's dig a little deeper.

Imagine you have a sous chef, let's call him Sam. Sam is a whiz in the kitchen and loves interacting with his team on WhatsApp. One day, Sam decides to hang up his apron and pursue a different career. His departure from your restaurant is smooth, but there's a snag. Sam still has access to all the recipes, supplier contacts, and shift schedules shared in the work WhatsApp group. The question is, should he?

This brings us to the first major issue with using social platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp for business communication - Control Over Access. In the dynamic restaurant business, staff changes are common. And with every change, you risk former employees retaining access to sensitive information.

Another significant concern is Data Ownership. Your restaurant's proprietary recipes, vendor contacts, and staffing schedules are on Facebook and WhatsApp servers when you use them for communication. You don't own that data, which is a significant risk when considering the competitive nature of the restaurant industry.

Lastly, let's consider Maria, your star hostess. She's an outgoing, friendly face at the front of your restaurant, and she's also an avid Facebook user. However, she feels uncomfortable using her personal Facebook profile - which includes pictures from her recent beach vacation - for work communication. This is where the issue of Professional Boundaries comes into play. Asking employees to use their personal social media profiles for work can blur the lines between their personal and professional lives.

Enter All Gravy - a professional, mobile-first communication tool that's as engaging as Facebook and WhatsApp, but specifically designed for a business context. All Gravy is customizable to match your restaurant's brand identity, enhancing your team's sense of unity and pride. With All Gravy, you control the narrative. You own the data, you manage access, and you provide your employees with a platform where they can communicate effectively without overstepping personal boundaries.

Don't let your restaurant's communications become a soup of potential problems. Upgrade to All Gravy and give your team the secure, professional, and fun tool they need to keep your restaurant running like a well-oiled machine.

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