Don’t add yet another app to your growing pile of employee apps

Increase employee engagement and reduce risk, by letting your employees speak up without fear of retaliation, with a anonymous and certified legally compliant whistleblower app.

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Anonymous feedback

Honest feedback with a 100% anonymous 2-way chat

The All Gravy whistleblower app is a safe 2-way chat that allows your employees to anonymously report any issues or misconduct they encounter without fear of reprisal. The whistleblower app works exactly the same way as the regular All Gravy chat, making it familiar and easy to use.

One employee app

Combine all your employee apps in one

Don’t add yet another app to your growing pile of employee apps (that never gets used). Instead, All Gravy combines all the core tools you need for hiring, onboarding, and motivating your employees, together with the legally required whistleblower function.

We got the results to prove our impact

More shifts taken
App rating
15 %
Higher retention


  • EU directives and local laws

    By using All Gravy's whistleblower app, you are living up the EU whistleblower Directive and local laws in most countries.

  • GDPR

    All Gravy is ISAE 3000 GDPR certified, ensuring you that the Whisleblower app, and the rest of the All Gravy app, is completely GDPR compliant.

  • More than just legal compliance

    Having a whistleblower system in place is about more than simply trying to live up to legal requirements. It's also prudent risk management, reducing the risk of losing valuable employees or suffering bad press coverage and lawsuits.

Our users love how useful and flexible All Gravy is

With All Gravy, it has become easier for us to get shifts covered, and making it possible to offer our employees more flexible working conditions. At the same time we have increased employee satisfaction.
Frederik Darger Johansen
I don't borrow from my savings anymore, so saving up has become much easier. If I really need something - well I'll take some out of All Gravy - I can always manage to take an extra shift to make up for it.
@Frankies Pizza