Say 'Bye' to Social Media Mess

Avoid overstepping your employees social boundaries, while providing a tool that's as intuitive as their normal social media. Oh, and you own your data, not some big corporate

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Chat & news feed

Keep the ease of social media

Tools built mobile-first, as intuitive as normal social media - but using your branding!

You own the data

Avoid employees sending company sensitive data through channels you don't own, exposing you to data risks.

Fully under your control

When employees leave your company (or get fired!) they should no longer have access to your sensitive data. This is handled automatically.

Professional, but fun

Reduce workload by creating transparency

In the fast-paced world of the restaurant industry, communication is key. Whether it's coordinating today's specials, dealing with shift changes, or handling unexpected emergencies, your team needs a communication tool that's as seamless and intuitive as the apps they use in their personal lives.

No personal accounts

Employees no longer have to connect with personal social media profile (that beach photo from 3 years ago you probably don't want colleagues to have access to!)

Comms under control

It is - after all - your workplace. You'd like to know what goes on. You are now fully in control.

We got the results to prove our impact

More shifts taken
App rating
15 %
Higher retention

Our users love how useful and flexible All Gravy is

With All Gravy, it has become easier for us to get shifts covered, and making it possible to offer our employees more flexible working conditions. At the same time we have increased employee satisfaction.
Frederik Darger Johansen
I don't borrow from my savings anymore, so saving up has become much easier. If I really need something - well I'll take some out of All Gravy - I can always manage to take an extra shift to make up for it.
@Frankies Pizza