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You can't fix what you don't know is broken

Let's face it: a lack of insight into employee engagement isn't helping with the high employee turnover that restaurants and other hospitality businesses tend to suffer from - and adding another (unused) employee app isn't the solution. Here's the issue:

Growing pains

As your business grows, your workforce gets more and more fragmented and distributed among multiple locations; making it increasingly harder to keep tabs on the culture and mood.

High admin, low response rate

Even if you get a survey tool to collect feedback, it takes a lot of time and ressources - and you still end up with too few reponses to get any truly actionable data out of it.

Too many apps

And the real killer: Too many apps with seperate logins, that are designed for deskbased workers. It's a headache and too much friction for your frontline employees deal with. So they just don't bother - and you get no responses to your surveys.

The new and better way to do employee engagement surveys

With All Gravy you get an app that your frontline employees actually like to use - all the while reducing the excessive amount of employee apps, costs, and administrative time spent managing it all.

More shifts taken
App rating
15 %
Higher retention
Employee engagement surveys

Reduce employee churn with real-time feedback

Prevent employee turnover with actionable insights directly from your employees - gathered in real-time, instead of waiting for yearly engagement surveys or workplace assessments, that come too late for you fix anything.

Real-time feedback

Getting data in real-time lets you act immediately, instead of waiting till after the damage is done.

Pulse surveys

Automated pulse surveys lets you collect feedback from your frontline workers after each shift or set period of time.


Get more responses to your employee surveys

A high adoption rate combined with the ability to respond by mobile phone means more responses to your surveys.

Designed for mobile

All Gravy is an app that is designed for deskless workers and their mobile phones - not a repurposed desktop app.

All-in-one app

By combining your employee apps in one app, you reduce the friction stopping your employees from using the app.

All survey features

Pulse surveys

Use pulse surveys with easy 1-click answers, to collect real-time feedback after each shift or set periods.

Custom surveys

Create custom surveys to get detailed and more in-depth answers, or tailor them to specific needs or milestones.

Digital surveys

Easily create surveys that can be answered on the fly on mobile phones. No manual work or paper forms.


All surveys are anonymous and results are presented as aggregated data, giving more honest feedback.


Surveys and results can be segmented by location or roles, letting you pinpoint exactly where issues exist.

EHS assessment

Collect data for the, often legally required, EHS assessment, and use that to create action plans for change.

See what our users say

We've got eight locations now. And honestly, it pretty much makes it eight times easier to run those locations from an HR management perspective now, because we've centralized - and brought back to the core management structure - all the things that otherwise we would have to do side by side.
Stephen Tozer
Founder @Le Bab
With All Gravy, it has become easier for us to get shifts covered, and making it possible to offer our employees more flexible working conditions. At the same time we have increased employee satisfaction.

Frederik Darger Johansen
All Gravy has had a huge impact on the way we communicate, and our ability to coordinate and plan shifts. Which means we are more aligned, and we spend less time on manual tasks and get more shifts covered, with half the effort.
Simone Terp Eriksen
Hospitality Manager @CopenHill
I don't borrow from my savings anymore, so saving up has become much easier. If I really need something - well I'll take some out of All Gravy - I can always manage to take an extra shift to make up for it.

@Frankies Pizza

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