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Pre & onboarding

Give your employees the best start

By activating new employees as soon as they sign the contract you reduce the time for them to provide value.

No more first-day anxiety

You spent all these resources recruiting employees - don’t  lose them in their first week!

No menial work

Reduce menial work for your managers

Your managers should be focused on training & leading - let All Gravy deal with the practicalities

Automated welcome

Let employees know you're excited to see them and set expectations.

Provide informal guidance

What clothes should you wear? What is expected on the first day?

Our impact has been proven across 10,000s of employees

More shifts taken
App rating
15 %
Higher retention

See what our users say

We've got eight locations now. And honestly, it pretty much makes it eight times easier to run those locations from an HR management perspective now, because we've centralized - and brought back to the core management structure - all the things that otherwise we would have to do side by side.
Stephen Tozer
Founder @Le Bab
With All Gravy, it has become easier for us to get shifts covered, and making it possible to offer our employees more flexible working conditions. At the same time we have increased employee satisfaction.

Frederik Darger Johansen
All Gravy has had a huge impact on the way we communicate, and our ability to coordinate and plan shifts. Which means we are more aligned, and we spend less time on manual tasks and get more shifts covered, with half the effort.
Simone Terp Eriksen
Hospitality Manager @CopenHill
I don't borrow from my savings anymore, so saving up has become much easier. If I really need something - well I'll take some out of All Gravy - I can always manage to take an extra shift to make up for it.

@Frankies Pizza

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