Pre and onboarding

First impressions matter

Say goodbye to first day anxiety
With our preboarding & onboarding product you set your employees up for success from the very first day

Pre & onboarding

  • Reduce time-to-value
    By activating new employees as soon as they sign the contract you reduce the time for them to provide value

  • No more first-day anxiety
    You spent all these resources recruiting employees - don’t  lose them in their first week!

  • Standardise on-boarding across locations 
    Professionalise and centralise by bringing all your training, evaluations into one aligned tool

Reduce menial work for your managers

Your managers should be focused on training & leading - let All Gravy deal with the practicalities

  • Automated welcome flows:
    Let employees know you're excited to see them and set expectations

  • Provide informal guidance: 
    What clothes should you wear? What is expected on the first day?

  • Managers get instant snapshot:
    Managers can easily see how far a trainee has progressed in their on-boarding

Let's get you started!

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