Financial Wellness

Make pay-day transparent, flexible and satisfying

Your employees get an easy overview of expected pay, budgeting tools & freedom to get paid for a shift as soon as it is completed.

Motivate employees to take more shifts

Whenever an employee finishes a shift, the resulting earnings are shown instantly in the app; reducing the disconnect between work and pay.

Our data shows that seeing the results of their work incentivises employees to take 20% more shifts.

We've made bills fun (😅)

Okay okay, not fun - but we've removed the headache.
Educate your employees on how to budget: in the app they can set up bills & savings goals and keep track of them.

No fee on withdrawals

We don't believe in charging a fee to allow employees to withdraw their own salary.

When you've earned it, it's yours!

Note: we've implemented multiple ways of helping make sure employees have saved enough money for payday, including a 50% max withdrawal limit.

Reduced workload

Employees often think there is something wrong with their pay. This is rarely the case - it's something confusing about their taxes or their payslip.

The in-app transparency helps reduce questions directed to HR; and employees can chat directly with us, too.

Responsible financial freedom

On-demand pay gives employees the option to take an extra shift to cover a hole in their budget. This way, they can avoid borrowing money from their savings.

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...but my finance team will never agree!

It's easy: connect your workforce management system and upload a CSV file for each payroll

  • Finance has to upload 1 extra file every pay run - takes fewer than 5 minutes
  • Finance spot mistakes before payroll is run, reducing errors downstream

With All Gravy, it has become easier for us to get shifts covered, and making it possible to offer our employees more flexible working conditions. At the same time we have increased employee satisfaction.

Frederik Darger Johansen

I use All Gravy so that I can look and be a bit proud, like- wow, now I'm going to get paid so much. I've had a bit of an eye-opener about what it really means to take those extra shifts in the long run, and that's what everyone really should do."

Employee @ OLIOLI

It starts here...

It takes minutes to integrate into a workforce management system and grab the data to get things up and running.

  • We partner with all the biggest shift scheduling and workforce management systems
  • No dealing with uploads or keeping things in sync between systems - our integration takes care of it
  • Employees can be onboarded automatically once it's configured: set it and forget it 🚀

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  • Motivate employees to take more shifts because they can see the value of their work in real-time
  • Educate your employees in responsible budgeting, their taxes and their payslip
  • Give employees a tool to deal with short-term cash crunches with no fees
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