Figure out where to spend your energy most effectively

Get an overview of employee retention in each location, district or role - exactly the breakdown you're looking for, in real time. Focus on the areas that matter.

Your organisation at a glance

No more blind spots. It's easy to report on organisational growth and contraction - and you don't need a data analyst or expensive software.

Plain English

No jargon, nothing to decode - everything is explained in simple terms on hover.

Recruiting and Attrition

Break down which locations are gaining and losing employees, as both a count and percentage of workforce. Identify where you need to focus to improve performance.


An accurate breakdown of the seniority of your workforce across all locations within your organisation.

See how you stack up against your peers

Benchmark yourself against industry peers - and yourself!

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Get started in 15 minutes

Just connect your data source and you're good to go.

  • Driven by data from your workforce management system. You can be looking at your data in 15 minutes.
  • All charts are backwards looking from today: no fiddling with date pickers!
  • A plain English explanation of what you're looking at is never far away, so no training is required.

Slice & Dice

Your data isn't always stored in the way that makes the most sense to consume it. We help you best use your data with our simple, powerful tools

  • Locations: Define specific physical locations by grouping people from your workforce management system

  • Slices: Group Locations infinitely to look at your business through different lenses - for example regionally, by franchise owner, sub-brand

  • Roles: Further break down your data by employee role.
    Coming soon

Data Coach

We'll help you get your data cleaned up and keep it under control. Fix it at the source and All Gravy will reflect the changes.

  • Break down data quality issues by Slice or Location, and subsequently identify who's best placed to fix them
  • Identify employees with missing data like primary departments, hire/depart dates
  • Identify employees with illogical data, like a hire date after a depart date
Read more about Data Coach

Try Insights today

  • Identify focus areas with our preconfigured visualizations
  • See how you stack up against your peers with Benchmarks
  • Simplify complex organisations with Slices
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