Understanding Generation Z: The Key to Employee Engagement and a Thriving Workplace Culture

Have you also experienced shaking your head at 'the troublesome youth' at the workplace? They make demands, they want to be involved, they want constant feedback, and they suddenly quit.

A revolution is on its way in the labor market. It's called Generation Z, and if you want to secure your workforce in the future, it's about nodding instead of shaking your head.

Rarely has there been such a large generational gap in the labor market as between the new workforce and the established one.

The remnants from the industrial society with high unemployment, strong authority trust, and established structures have been replaced by the digital age, historically low unemployment, a flat family hierarchy, and desires for flexibility.

These two different starting points will inevitably clash in the workplace, and occasionally the new generation is described as spoiled, sensitive, and demanding. But this is a misunderstanding.

They have grown up with the feeling that they are valuable, and it is expected that they contribute.

If you avoid turning up your nose and instead listen, as an employer, you can get an incredibly dedicated and resourceful employee group in Generation Z, which by 2030 will represent 58 percent of the Danish workforce.

But even though the Z'ers are different, they are actually not difficult to understand once you try. They have been raised to contribute to the family's decisions. They have grown up with the feeling that they are valuable, and that it is expected that they contribute.

They are trained to think for themselves, ask questions, make decisions, argue, and use themselves in the community. They are therefore looking for a positive community they can contribute to and make their mark on. Immediately a huge gain for any workplace.

At the same time, the Z'ers are the very first digitally native generation. They are used to having everything at their fingertips via the phone. Therefore, it is crucial for any workplace to offer digital tools that match the young people's expectations and resemble what they are used to from their everyday life.

Today, most of Generation Z's needs can actually be in an app. It can be that simple to meet the new generation's needs.

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