Cover your bills, crush your goals

Jonatan Marc Rasmussen
Last updated:
February 5, 2023

We're making some changes to My Money - splitting Bills & Goals into two distinct screens. As we've talked to our users about how they use All Gravy and how they manage their finances, we realise that how we think about what we need to run our lives - rent, gym membership, phone - and how we think about what we want are quite different. We've focused our latest release on that. Let us know what you think!

Cover your bills

Running your life: you've just gotta do it. We help you keep track of bills and recurring payments, so you know when you've got them covered as you earn money during the month. You can Freeze these earnings - which makes using Withdraw safe, because you'll always have your bills covered. That's your Worry-free Money!

It is really nice that you can actually see your worry free money [...] when you paid your bills and you get your salary - a worker at Frankies Pizza
Crush your goals

Crushing your goals: we're to making it easier for you to save for the things you enjoy. You can set goals based on a fixed monthly amount, or set a total and a target date and we'll figure it out for you; you'll know exactly how many more shifts you'll need to take per month to hit your target. You can see all your Goals in one place, and track your progress towards them at a glance.

Here's a quote from an early tester:

If you visualize your goals then they get more real and it is easier for you to hold yourself accountable. I will definitely create goals and get motivated by it [...] this is super convenient.” - a worker at Madkastellet

To get access, just make sure your app is on the latest version. If you've got any questions or feedback, you're always welcome to ping us in the in-app chat, check out the Knowledge Base, or email

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