One source of employee data

GDPR-compliant, integrated and easy to use.
Search and filter based on any employee attribute.

Employee Directory

  • Collect certifications and contracts in one place
    Documents can be stored on the employee profile, and access can be controlled by user-role.

  • Identify compliance-gaps among employees
    See % of employees who have finished certain training, identify gaps in required certificates 

  • Humanise your organisation with reminders
    Reminders on birthdays, anniversaries etc. allowing you to elevate the employee experience 

One database for all your employees

Filter and search through your employees based on anything you want. 
- Less than 3 months in the company?
- 1 year in?
- Aspiring leader?
- Able to make cocktails?

  • Linked up to training: Any employee who has completed any part of training can be found through this

  • Customisable tags: Worked at 3 locations? tag them and find the right people

  • Regular training compliance: Check if you're on track with required training & courses, and performance across locations

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