Product comparison: All Gravy vs Relesys

March 1, 2023

We bring you an overview of comparable features and pricing between Relesys and All Gravy.

Feature comparison

Both Relesys and All Gravy provide the tools necessary for creating an engaging employee app. The main differences are how content is created, and some more advanced features likes content analytics and embedded financial tools.

Relesys excels at hyper-customised applications, which can be exciting but expensive. While All Gravy provides a more standardised and employee focused app with fewer implementation costs.

Feature All Gravy Relesys
News Feed
Financial wellness x
Content analytics
Content freshness indicator x
Ultra customizable x

Pricing comparison

Relesys provide customised pricing proposals because they provide bespoke solutions. It's possible to extend your base package configuration with some more advanced features at an extra cost per user.

All Gravy provides flat per-user pricing. There's no need to engage All Gravy in any changes you want to make - it's all self service. There's a support staff that's happy to help you make changes you need if you get stuck, included in the fees.

  • Standardised, easy to use employee app.
  • Customizable themes and images for the app.
  • Handbooks with a best in class, block-based content editor.
  • Analytics & elimination of content chaos - know what people are looking at and what needs improving
  • Message targeting to specific employees & departments.

All Gravy offers multiple products to improve employee engagement, including a financial wellness suite, employee retention analytics & real-time feedback collection.

Key differences

Content Creation

Relesys features handbooks a long with a content creation tool. Relesys also provides dashboard to view interactions with the employee app.

The content creation experience is where All Gravy excels. It's simple to create great content in the structure you need, and they're customised to your theme without requiring any fiddling. A common complaint with tools like this is that content is stale, or overwhelming - All Gravy's content-freshness analysis allows you to easily manage your content, and remove/improve underperforming articles.


Relesys provides the ability to hyper-customise your application, using designers to get the app looking how you want it. All Gravy does not offer the same level of customisation, but it's possible to customise many components to match your brand. All Gravy's easy to get started with, and all of this is self-service.

Bottom line

Both All Gravy and Relesys provide the tools necessary for creating an engaging employee app. If your use case is heavily brand-focused, then Relesys is an obvious choice - there are more customisation options. If you're looking for a simpler solution that focuses on sensible defaults and content-freshness, then perhaps All Gravy is for you!

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