Know how your employees are really doing

anonymous daily feedback, onboarding & exit interviews.

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Go beyond numbers with concrete feedback from your employees

Through the employee app, we collect feedback regularly to create a live picture of the nuances that influence the happiness of your employees, and identify problems you can get ahead of.

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Spot trends early and intervene

Combine concrete employee data with qualitative Pulse feedback to identify what’s working well and what needs improvement.

Empower your employees – in ways that matter to them

Cash might be a love language for a few. However, what we learned from employees is that real support, security, freedom and flexibility are worth so much more in the long term.

Humans at the center

We prioritise developing solutions together with our users and customers to solve the real underlying problems.

Continuous improvement via targeted check-ins

Utilising our targeted check-in surveys, we can help you understand how employees at different stages of their employment are feeling. i.e. Onboarding & Exit Interviews.

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