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Introducing Chat and Feed

We recently released Handbooks, to help you ditch the PDF and make it easier for employees to find the information they need. In this fast-paced world, you need communications that can keep up. Whether it’s coordinating today’s specials, dealing with shift changes, or handling unexpected emergencies - your team needs a tool that’s as seamless as the apps they use in their personal lives.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce two new features that we think will level-up your communication game. We considered releasing them separately, but we realized that Chat and Feed are the yin to the other's yang, and these features solve similar problems and complement each other.

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Feed is a central hub, designed to host your more formal communication. Think of 'Feed' as your go-to digital billboard - broadcasting news, updates, and acknowledgments to the entire team. It’s the perfect tool for sharing more organized, longer-lasting content. From photos of the latest company party to important shift briefings, Feed has got you covered.

Employees automatically get added to and removed from Feeds according to attributes on their user-profile, such as Role or Location. If they leave, their access is revoked entirely.

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Everyone uses chat on a day-to-day basis. It’s a platform in itself. It’s a real-time interaction - and creates space for more spontaneous exchanges among team members. Quick question, shift swaps, or raising issues with leadership. We've kept it light – making it your go-to space for rapid-fire communication. Add reactions and gifs just like you can on social media.

Chats can be created by anyone, as can group chats. One for shift swapping, one per location, one per shift - whatever works for you. Not to mention, when you’re done at the end of the day you can switch off from work because your work/private chats are entirely separate.

Integrated into the All Gravy suite

Handbooks can be easily re-shared - don’t just repeat the information, show people where they can find it directly in Chat and Feed. Employees can Financial Wellness, Shifts, Handbooks, Feed and Chat are all in one app. We tie it all together with our smart org-chart, making it simple for you to control access for everyone.

Ready to give Chat and Feed a whirl? They're available now and perfectly primed to integrate into your All Gravy experience. Jump into the future of workplace communication at 👉

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