Ditch the PDF

Burn the binder, ditch the PDF. These are tools from a past generation: modern tools are better able to meet your needs.

At All Gravy we're transforming tools that employees are using today into ones that are engaging and motivating. As we explore how to do that, we hear the same things repeatedly: you need to write captivating material, get it in the hands of the right people, and make sure they read it to deliver a great employee and customer experience.


Content tailored for consumption

Handbooks is a mobile-first take; an internal repository for all your important videos, documents, policies and training information. If you need to share it with employees, it goes here. No more zooming in on a PDF on your phone to read it: it’s presented to you optimised for your device.

Creating content is easier than ever.

We've created a block-editor that allows you to easily add rich content to your Handbook Articles. It’s powerful; it’s simple. Drop in a photo, a recipe, a link to another article - we’ll make it look great on any device, in your brand colors. We’ll continue adding blocks as we identify opportunities for them to make content management easier.

Only share what’s necessary

Overwhelming people with content won’t help - they just won’t read it. With our targeting technology, you can make sure the right people are seeing your content - and keeping things distraction free for everyone else. People automatically get added to the correct content as they join your company, and can be removed as they change roles.

Content analytics

Content analytics help you figure out what content is working, and what isn’t, so you can remove or rework underperforming content. Using swipe-to-confirm, you can also check exactly who’s read a specific piece of content.

We think it's great, and we're proud of it. The block editor is an integral part of our future plans, as are the handbooks themselves - and we look forward to sharing more soon! Sign up for a demo at allgravy.com 👉

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