Butter rebrands as All Gravy

New name, same buttery goodness.

As of today, Butter (or Butter Solutions) will be known as All Gravy - as in, “it’s all gravy!”

What does this mean for me?

Nothing will change in the standard operation or functionality.

  • You’ll login to app.allgravy.com (the old site will keep working for a while, you’ll be redirected).
  • You’ll receive emails from @allgravy.com from now on
  • The app will have a new icon, and a new name

What’s next for All Gravy?

We’re hard at work developing new functionality for the organizations that use All Gravy. Insights & data into your performance on onboarding, retention and overall staff satisfaction, as well as tools to maximize shifts taken while reducing the amount of time spent dealing with it all. We’re sure you’re going to love it!

Later this year, we’ll be expanding into the UK. We’ve had such good partnerships with companies in Denmark, that we’re ready to take the next steps and go international.

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