How Madkastellet is decreasing hiring costs

Madkastellet is known for award-winning food concepts with an edge. Last year they served more than half a million meals. They do everything from big events with thousands of guests to intimate gourmet events.

They have 18 locations in Copenhagen and close to 500 employees, and in order to offer the best experience for their big events they can choose between 18 lovely venues that can host more than 1000 people.

MadKastellet’s goals

  • Improving the recruiting process. 
  • Allow employees to access their earned wages. 
  • Increase the amount of shifts taken per employee.
  • Increase employee satisfaction.
“By improving our employee satisfaction and increasing shifts taken, we automatically decrease our hiring costs.”
Aksel Henriksen - HR manager hos Madkastellet

Besides improving some of the most relevant metrics for the HR Manager, they have also seen that their youngest employees now have an easier time understanding their paychecks.

“We are giving our youngest employees a much better understanding of taxes and paychecks. I see a lot of the same questions regarding taxes and their deduction percentage, which the All Gravy chat has been great at helping with.” Aksel Henriksen - HR manager hos Madkastellet 

Personal finances are always a sensitive topic

We have seen many employers ask the question: “Why should I care about my employees finances? It’s not my job”. But on the other hand, research shows that:

  • 76% of stressed employees say that financial stress had a negative impact on their productivity. 
  • 55% of stressed employees who are distracted by their finances spend time at work dealing with them. 
  • 76% of employees stressed by their finances are more likely to switch to an employer that cares about their financial wellbeing.

MadKastellet has a straightforward approach to this topic:

We want to protect and educate our employees the best we can. And we feel that All Gravy is a great tool to help us with accomplishing this goal”. - Aksel Henriksen - HR manager at Madkastellet - 

Working with All Gravy 

The communication between the implementation team and MadKastellet has been impeccable. They are great at following up and always making sure that all the involved parties - from managers to staff - are dressed for the task”.
Aksel Henriksen - HR manager at Madkastellet

At All Gravy we took care of onboarding all their employees, floor managers and HR managers and ongoingly supporting them with any question they may have. Because we know that when implemented correctly, All Gravy is one of the strongest employer and employee benefits.

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