Financial wellness: A benefit that positively impacts people's lives every day

All Gravy has a 70% adoption rate across companies. Making it one of the most used employee benefit employers provide.

We provide companies with the tools to
improve their employees financial wellbeing


Give your employees earned wage access. It has no cost or fees and will help them stay away from loans.


Give them a full overview of shifts taken and earnings per shift removing the stress around their payday.


Remove uncertainty from their finances.
All Gravy provides a full overview of their finances


Support them in building up savings and goals. All Gravy shows the bills that are due during the pay period.

For employees

Access your earnings

Hourly paid employees can access up to a maximum % of their wages after completing their shifts - you decide the percentage.

Directly into the bank

They will then be able to access that salary and get it directly transferred to their bank accounts.

No impact over your cashflow

We take care of everything so you don't have to. No impact over your current finance workflows.

For employers

Integrate with your existing systems

All Gravy synchronises and connects with your payroll and workforce management systems. Employee details, shifts, department and payment information are all added to All Gravy automatically.

Invite your hourly paid employees

Once All Gravy is connected to your payroll and workforce management system inviting your employees is as easy as clicking a button.

Increase employee motivation

All Gravy creates a direct link between work and pay. As employees see the impact of a shift instantly in the app (and get paid right away) they are more motivated to take shifts.

No impact on your cashflow. We take care of everything.

A quote from our users: "It gives me a little more freedom in relation to my work, so if I need the money then i know I can use it as soon as I have earned it."

What employees are saying

“I use Butter as it gives a really good overview of my shifts and how much I earn. In addition, it is great to have the freedom to withdraw money for my expenses.”

is all for freedom and staying in control

“I use Butter so I can see how much money I'm earning. It was eye opening to see what taking extra shifts do for me in the long run.”

likes transparency on how much shifts make him

"I'm really happy with Butter because it's so often that you arrive at the end of the month and need some extra cash. I also think that being able to see how much I'll get paid gives me a great overview. I'm super happy about it. "

gets peace of mind by seeing how much she earned each month

“I thank the sky for Butter. It's just a mega cool app for someone who does not have that full time fixed 9-5 job. It's just super cool that I can get paid on the day, it just makes it more appealing to take a shift. "

Takes extra shifts to get extra pay

"I use Butter so I can keep track of how much money I have earned and withdraw. Also, it's just a huge advantage that you can buy your dream shoes by the end of the month."

likes the flexibility & freedom of Butter

"I use Butter to have an overview of my finances, you can even withdraw your money before your payday. I no longer miss out when my friends go out to eat."

feels good about having overview of her money

Frequently asked questions

Answers to the burning questions in your mind.

What is earned wage access?

It's an employee benefit that allows you hourly paid access to their salary before the end of they payroll cycle.

What is the cost?

All Gravy does not and will never charge your employees for accessing their earned wages. If you want to hear about our pricing model get in touch with us.

What does working with All Gravy look like?

We like to start our collaborations by identifying your needs and aligning expectations. We work with many of the most well-known restaurant and hospitality chains, we know about their pains and how our product can best serve them. 

What’s the impact of earned wage access over your business

None. Zero. Nada. 

You can either put a deposit for your workforce to access their earned wages or we will take care of it.

How will All Gravy impact my finance workflow?

It's simple. Depending on your payroll software the process might change a bit, but in most cases this process is fully automated or it will just require a CSV file upload to your payroll system.

Get All Gravy for your employees

  • Increase hourly paid worker satisfaction
  • Attract and retain talent
  • Get more shifts taken
  • Reduce HR and finance workload
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