Perks over pay

Improve your employee benefits to attract and retain talent in a tight job market

"With All Gravy we're able to retain employees who want as much flexibility in their lives as possible, as well as one competitive advantage in relation to the recruitment of new employees."
— Annika, Manager@Frankies Pizza
Increase shifts taken
Decrease employee churn
Increase employee motivation
Give earned wage access
Decrease your hiring needs

Increase shifts taken by 20%

All Gravy creates a link between work and pay. Our app gives your hourly paid employees a complete overview of their finances and the money they are earning per shift. We make taking more shifts a fun way of improving their financial wellbeing.

Decrease employee churn by 15%

By offering your employees a benefit that improves their finances our customers experience a decrease in employee turnover.

Increase employee motivation

Hourly paid employees will easily access their shift details, understanding exactly how much will they earn after it’s completion.

A quote from our users: "It gives me a little more freedom in relation to my work, so if I need the money then i know I can use it as soon as I have earned it."

Provide earned salary access

Who said that salaries had to have a fixed period? And the best thing? It won’t impact your cash flow.

Decrease your hiring needs

Have you ever thought about the time and money you spend on hiring new employees? We have. And we can tell you it’s a pretty penny.

250.000 DKK is the average yearly amount saved for companies with 150 employees.

You are in good company

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What our customers are saying

“By improving our employee satisfaction and increasing shifts taken, we automatically decrease our hiring costs.”

Aksel Henriksen
HR Manager at MadKastellet

Get All Gravy for your employees

  • Increase hourly paid worker satisfaction
  • Attract and retain talent
  • Get more shifts taken
  • Reduce HR and finance workload
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