All Gravy Terms & Conditions

Last updated: 15 September 2023

1. Introduction

1.1 All Gravy ApS is a company which is owned and operated out of Denmark by All Gravy ApS, CVR number: 41335874 - from here on referred to as All Gravy.
The All Gravy platform enables users to get a quick overview of their earned salary and ability to access salary that they would normally only be able to access at a later time (The Service).

2. The Service

2.1 The service provided by All Gravy is allowing you to withdraw (part of) your salary earlier than you would normally be able to. All Gravy pays out this salary on behalf of your employer

2.2. You are only able to take out salary that you have already earned, and you are responsible for checking that the registered hours in the app are correct

2.3 When taking out salary through the All Gravy Application you agree to letting your employer deduct an equivalent amount of salary from your salary at the end of the payroll period

2.4 You will be asked to confirm specific terms & conditions for each transaction, assigning security in an outstanding salary claim to All Gravy

3. Agreements and creating a profile

3.1 When you sign up for the app you enter into an agreement with All Gravy, allowing us to access data from your employer and their workforce management system

3.2 It is a condition for the use of the services that you agree with our terms & conditions

3.3 To use the All Gravy services, you will need to create a profile

4. Security

4.1 All data communicated back and forth between All Gravy and your device is encrypted

4.2 All financial transactions are automatically checked against reported working hours & our internal conservative measures

4.3 In some cases bank details will be provided by your employer - however it is always possible for you to change the bank account you want to be paid out on. This can be done in the app under 'Settings'.

4.4 When signing up, you need to create a password - as we are handling sensitive information, please ensure that you do not share this password with 3rd parties

5. Access to data

5.1 Upon agreeing to these terms & conditions you agree to us accessing data from your employer - this includes both your employer’s workforce management system and data for estimating tax (‘Skattekort’)

6. Communications

6.1 All Gravy can provide you with important updates at the email address provided for your account (e.g. changes to terms & conditions and confirmation of withdrawals)

6.2 All Gravy will also send you relevant information relating to new features, newsletters and other direct communications that is relevant for you - however you are always able to unsubscribe from this type of communication, if you wish

7. Rights

7.1 All Gravy holds all rights to its services, including the Web, the App, and all other materials on All Gravy's website or app. This includes, but is not limited to, copyrights, proprietary rights, and trademark rights to All Gravy's services.

7.2 You retain the rights to the material that you provide to All Gravy, but you give All Gravy a non-exclusive right to use this material so that All Gravy can provide its services to you.

7.3 As a user, you will receive a non-exclusive right of use to All Gravy's Services, including to the Web and the App. All Gravy may revoke this right of use at any time.

8. Operations

8.1 All Gravy aims to avoid errors, defects and disruptions of service on the Web and the App at any time, but this may occur. All Gravy will try to fix any issues as quickly as possible.

8.2 All Gravy performs ongoing maintenance and updates on both the Web and the App. During maintenance, certain or all features may become temporarily unavailable.

8.3 All Gravy is not liable to its users in the event of errors, defects, malfunctions or removal of functionality.

9. Termination

9.1 If you disagree with the Terms of Use or for any other reason no longer wish to use All Gravy, you can delete your profile at any time.

9.2 All Gravy may at any time and without notice suspend or terminate your agreement regarding the use of All Gravy's Service and, if necessary, delete your user profile, for example in cases of unacceptable user behaviour, attempt to abuse other users’ accounts, attempt to access other users’ data or other illegal or improper behaviour.

10. Changes

10.1 All Gravy may change these Terms of Use at any time and without notice. The latest version is always available on the Web and in the App. If you do not agree to the changed Terms of Use, you will no longer be able to use the Web or the App, and All Gravy is entitled to delete your profile.